Looking outside my window is a lesson on life
Watching the tree in the garden take leaf and thrive
It shows me how each one is granted a gift
To start afresh regardless of how long you have lived
That each day is a chance to create quests anew
To bid failures of old a hearty adieu

I watch as the leaves start to grow and mature
Taking on a deeper green, such a beautiful hue
That denotes strength and a taking root
Of new plans established, no longer brand new
I learn to stay steadfast on a path chosen
To take each step, turning it from nothing to golden

I watch as the mature leaves begin to dry and fall
To a leaf covered carpet of grass left to thaw
In the weak winter sunshine that still freezes all
Even leafless the tree I see still standing tall
I learn that in bad times all is not what it seems
For come spring time the tree will again start to leaf

When financial fortunes look bleak to the eye
I must take but a moment to sit down and plan
For we all need not stop till the day that we die
To try, and fail, just to get up again and try
I am grateful for the life lesson that is outside my window
That it is absolutely not over till I am six feet below.