3 easy steps to being more productive in 2022

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One of the things that I decided to be deliberate about this year is my productivity.

I want to define productivity in simple terms for all of you. In my opinion, productivity means being more effective day to day and thus, becoming a master of your time.

By this definition, I see that productivity is the art of doing more with less and not wasting any time. Since I find it difficult to define success and measure my productivity, I’ll start with what I believe is the most important step towards achieving them: planning.

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After being forced to work in fits and starts in the bag-making business that my husband and I run, thanks to Covid, I found myself in a contemplative mood in the latter half of last year.

I decided to put together tools for other people out there like me, who are tired of complacency. Are you one of those people that are tired of watching other people succeed?? Success is not an insurmountable hurdle, it is achievable for you and for me.

So I took a leap of faith. I wanted to share with you three ways we can be more productive in 2022. So before you write me off as some naive idealist, I would like to remind you that I have been an entrepreneur for over a decade and have made it my mission to learn more about being successful in business in any way I can.

I am not here to tell you that you need to quit your job and become an entrepreneur, but I will urge you to:
a) find your purpose,
b) work on your craft,
c) kill your sacred cows because they are slowing down your potential.
I’m channeling Richard Branson when I say: YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU WANT TO DO – IF YOU REALLY WANT TO.

3 steps to doing anything you want to – if you really want to:

Give More/Get More

I am not talking about charity either.

Half my time is spent working on projects that have a deadline. The rest is spent writing or doing research. Early this year, I calculated how many hours I can reasonably spend working on these things. My goals for the year are set around that number.

For example, if I think I only have 100 hours of workable time in a week, I might set a goal of writing 2 books by the end of the year (40 hours x 2 books = 80 total hours). And so on.

This planning process is important if you hope to succeed. Be as specific as you can about how you will achieve each of your goals, the necessary steps to take in order to realise those goals.

Exit social media groups and leave pages that add no value

Having a strategy will be meaningless if you are constantly sidetracked by gossip and idle chatter on social media. This includes, whatsapp, twitter, facebook and every other platform where you find yourself not being productive for hours on end.

Choose to stay where you are challenged, places where you learn new things that will help you move forward. Choose to give ear to people that support your endeavours or that are on similar paths.

While checking out memes and gossiping about what other people are doing has its place, not many people are making money from this. I’m not saying never let your hair down, but be selfish with your time. Don’t let just anyone have it.

After planning get started on implementing those plans

This is arguably the most difficult step to take. We often get hung up on the big idea, then get overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of what needs to be done to get to the end goal. Here’s something I always say…

The thing to do is to start.

It really is that simple. Take the first step. Choose a small action to take initially then build on to it with other small actions. Before you know it, you will have built something tangible and meaningful.

Start that blog and start posting. Record that podcast. Write that book. Open that store. People will take notice if you use the right tools and tactics. It may take time, but don’t give up. Do it incrementally and watch your efforts build up into something great!

So how do you purge the unnecessary from your life? How do you get rid of the distractions, the social media pages and groups that serve no purpose but to fruitlessly use your time?

Ask yourself these critical questions:

Were you inspired by being part of the group in the past year?

Did you get any business from the group?

Are you likely to get business from there in 2022?

Is traffic too much, needlessly?

If you were one of the successful men and women that you know, what sort of groups would you be part of?

WhatsApp allows us to pin only 3 groups, what’s your top 3?

Do you really need more than 15 groups?

Assess each group you are part of and don’t be afraid to hit the exit button if the group doesn’t make the cut. It may be more worthwhile to exit most groups and focus more on reading educational books, attending seminars, travelling, pursuing new hobbies etc.

Don’t neglect your family either. Instead, give them a place of priority in your life. That’s part of what makes the life of productivity so great.

The change you want in 2022 will come if you focus and implement these 3 steps.

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